Michael Long






2016 Apr - Current: Rehablinks.org
Front End Development & UI/UX Director

  1. Created Python API for Serving App Site Data
  2. Created Cordova/Meteor/Javascript/Node Mobile App (IPhone & Android)
  3. Raised Angel Round Funding
  4. Created LAMP/JQuery Web App
  5. Managed team of four
  6. Created all Prototypes and UI/UX


2011- Current:  DDESSeattle.com 
Owner / UI-UX Designer / Front End Development
(2013 Nominee CSSDA Web Design Awards)

  1. Inrix - Prototype / UI Integration Engineer (6 mo Contract)
  2. Metallicon - Windows 8 Application  (UI/UX)
  3. Metallicon Web Site - (I/UX & Responsive end-to-end Design)
  4. Leszynski.com Corporate Site (UI/UX end-to-end CMS site)
  5. Lezynski - End-to-end Front End Design, UI/UX and Programming (HTML/CSS3/JQuery/UI/Responsive) for AWS tools interface
  6. Last Mile Learning (UI/UX, PHP-CMS)  Volunteer Job - Relief Agency Support
  7. GreenLocalJobs.com -   (UI/UX, PHP-MySQL) owner, web integration with RSS feeds, SEO site design (TOP 5 US GREEN JOBS SITE)
  8. Osterman Research (UI/UX & Jquery) Created Online Single Page App bidding tool
  9. Holografee.com - Built JQuery/Bootstrap Site with Restful Wordpress API
  10. Holografee- End-to-end site design


2012- 2015:  Google Contractor

  1. Completed six contracts in two groups (Google Cloud and Legal)
  2. Contract Positions: UI/UX Designer, Webmaster and Prototype Developer
  3. Created Phonegap Angularjs Android App (solo project)
  4. Created JQuery Prototypes for Google Cloud APIs, VMs and Bash Scripting for automation
  5. Worked extensively on Google Cloud Linux Shell Tools
  6. Created end-to-end Bootstrap, JQuery brand sites


2009- 2011:  RealNetworks - Gamehouse
Web Producer (UI Designer / Front End Developer  / Visual Design)

  1. End-to-end web site development (visual design, UI&UX , front end dev)
  2. Graphic design and Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0 for XML driven Flash applications
  3. Designed and programmed HMTL/JQUERY/PHP/MySQL/HMTL5/JQuery
  4. Projects included South Park, Twilight, MTV, A-Team
  5. Two-time winner (Flash Site of the Week)

2009:  Art Schools Digital
Web Designer (Owner / UI/UX Designer / Front End Developer )

  1. Managed and built PHP Portfolio, Commenting, Business Directory System
  2. Sold site to Fortune 1000 company
  3. Second most trafficked art school web site according to Google

2007-2008:  Imprev
Web Designer  (Graphic / Flash Designer)

  1. Graphic design for Email Newsletters
  2. Graphic design and Actionscript for XML driven Flash applications
  3. Designed and programmed HMTL/PHP/MySQL site



1990–1995        Indiana University       Bloomington, IN
BA Fine Arts with concentrations in Graphic Design, Web Design and Sculpture
Minors – Art History and Sociology


  1. Obscure Dead Celebrities - Book of short stories published by the Saturday Evening Post Magazine



  1. Completed 9 Outward Bound Courses (Dog Sledding, Kayaking, Hiking, Mountain Climbing)
  2. Spent 3 months on a cross-country bike tour (Seattle to South Dakota)
  3. Published well-reviewed book of short stories: Obscure Dead Celebritieshttp://www.nuvo.net/article.php?title=article_3605&PHPSESSID=253ef638ea8370be830fe28366853ad5
  4. Featured Writer at Victor Hugo House (Seattle), North Beach Café (San Francisco), and Monon Café (Indianapolis), Annex Theater - Spin the Bottle